Pine Gap

The Inside Story Of The NSA In Australia

By David Rosenberg

In the middle of the Australian outback, 1000 miles from the closest city, the world’s most advanced satellite ground station quietly listens. Shrouded in mystery for more than 50 years, the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap has been an enigma to those who have patiently waited to discover its secrets.

Pine Gap takes the reader on a compelling journey that tells of the facility’s central intelligence role during the transitions of three United States presidencies, four Australian Prime Ministers, and international conflicts spanning the end of the Cold War, two wars in Iraq, war in the Balkans, the ‘War On Terror’, and the emergence of North Korea as a nuclear-armed nation.

Now, Pine Gap provides an insider’s account of what really goes on behind the closed doors of one of the largest and most closely guarded intelligence collection facilities in the world. It is a true account of the author’s 23 year career with the NSA - including his 18 years in the Australian outback - and it marks the first time a long-serving former NSA officer with a Top Secret - Sensitive Compartmented Intelligence (SCI) security clearance and full access to Pine Gap’s operational areas has spoken out.